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For most of our bags, please estimated delivery time of 3 -6 weeks (Depends on the country, it might be delivered in 15 days). We will advice you after purchase and if there is going to be major delay due to high demand, we will return your money.

Explore our huge range of hiking and travel backpack, day packs, duffel bags, laptop bags, foldable bags and waterproof rain covers for your next adventure! Travel backpacks are the stuff of life. Buy travel backpack in our online store today. We get independent reviews from our travellers and you can join here to find a travel buddy.

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Choosing the perfect travel backpack for one bag travel can be a tough decision. There are so many brands and models to choose from with varying degrees of durability and price. It is essential to buy travel backpack that works for you the best.
Here is the bottom line: There is nothing called “the best” backpack that is perfect for every traveler in every scenario. However, we believe it is possible for everyone to find a bag that is perfect for their unique needs.
If you backpack is light enough, you can comfortably have all of your belongings with you at once. Our bags are guaranteed to be lightweight and most of them are waterproof.

Why backpack is a better option for most travellers?

Travel backpacks are versatile & usually lightweight than standard roller luggage.
Backpacks gives you much greater mobility. You can buy travel bag which helps you to breeze through the airport. You will never stand around a baggage carousel after a long flight again (And as long as your pack is carry-on size compliant). Losing your luggage will no longer a problem.
When you’re wearing a backpack, you have got both of your hands free, no matter what terrain you’re walking on.
When you buy travel bag, weather resistance is another key element to consider for a backpack. With all your tech gear and expensive items in your bag, what is the use in getting it all wet? Most of our backpacks comes with some great weather resistance that’ll easily get you through light rain. If they are not waterproof, you can buy separate rain covers for a cheap price.

Whether you are traveling for a week, a month, or a year+, your backpack is pretty much your home, so you do not want it to break easily. Buy travel backpack from us. The last thing you want is to find out that you lost your passport because your zipper broke during the journey to your next destination. You should feel okay about investing in a good backpack because higher quality products will not only prevent loss and damage to your gear, but will also last for several years. It can be a challenge to tell if a backpack is durable right out of the box. Our bag manufacturers test bags as much as possible in order to notice the faults so you don’t have anything break on the road.

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