Travel dating scams are becoming very common nowadays. There are many websites and apps to find travel partners, travel buddy, travel guides and travel companions. Are they real? Almost all of them are looking genuine and it is a dream come true to have an awesome travel partner, which comes with other benefits while travelling! How real are those travel partners or are they mostly just scams? Here is an insight with my personal experiences.

travel dating scams
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As I see, there are mainly 2 types of travel dating scams when it comes to find travel dating partners.

1.) Use fake profiles and never meet you in person.

I would say that you can get away from these type 1 travel dating scams without much dramas.
These scammers typically create fake online profiles to lure you. They use beautiful profile photos, mostly sexy, with fictional names, location, job titles etc. They will start to communicate with you through the travel dating apps, expressing very strong emotions for you in a relatively short period of time. Scammers always pretend like they are travellers from rich countries in Europe, USA, Australia etc.

Once a good bond has been established, the scammer will ask for money for an emergency situation such as medical, transport expenses, and most likely to promise to meet in person after this difficult period. So once you offer them money, you know the rest of the story. Actually there is no story after that 🙂

2.) Use real profiles and meet you in person.

This is when things get serious and worse in travel romance scams. You will meet the beautiful lady (I will assume the scammer is a women for the explanation. But it will be same for the opposite sex) as your travel partner. Most likely you will meet her in a different country, during your travel. These scammers never wants your love, but they can fake everything. They pretend like they found the ideal partner. It is a role play. Obviously you will spend for her all expenses, if not the most part.

If you meet her in her own country, then she will take you to fancy, expensive restaurants and you will end up paying lot of money for meals, including for her food as well. These restaurants, night clubs and all the fancy places that she will take you, are also part of the scam. They work together, draining all your money and credit cards. Also she might take you to some day time activities such as water sports etc, where she get a commission from those operators.

How travel dating scams will end up?

Finally at the end of the travel period, it is time to say good bye. She must be very happy if you manage to hold on to her until the last moment. If you still haven’t realised that you had spent too much money on your beautiful travel buddy, you will leave her at the end of travel with a dream of meeting her again. But the sad truth is that you will never see her again, unless you are happy to spend more money for her again, for the next travel.

Most people will realise the bitter truth in the middle of the travel dating scams and still it is possible to get away from the scammer. But you need to be very careful as these people are operating as gangs, or even connected to the local mafia. Also they already know lot of information about you and your travel plans, through your lovely travel buddy. They can even ask for some ransom for certain illegal things that you did for fun with your travel partner. That is why this second category is more serious and dangerous than the first category.

Travel dating scams could happen as local guiding services as well. They create genuine profiles in those apps. After connecting with them, soon you will realise that they offer sexual services etc for money. If they don’t ask for money, later you will have to pay expensive bills for them.

What are the popular travel dating apps?

There are many sites and apps to find dating travel partners including,, and Here I am not going to say all these sites are full of scammers. There may be legit travellers in opposite sex looking for same as you. Then it all depends on luck. Before you signup and pay for premium memberships of these kind of sites, first do your own research about them. Best things is to read customer reviews in independent websites like in google or or etc.

If you paid already and realised the site you signed up is full of romance scams, then first thing you should do is to cancel the membership. Those scam sites make it harder to unsubscribe so they can keep charging you every month. So if you were unable to cancel your membership, then contact your bank and ask them to block this sites charging you further or the worse case is cancel your credit card. Banks can do it and they are happy to help the customers.

Others apps for travellers

What other alternatives are there instead of finding travel dating partners? There are other apps to find travel mates, buddies, and travel friends. Most of those apps are not promoting romantic or dating services. Still you may find scam profiles in those sites, but definitely a lot lesser than travel dating scams apps. Some of those apps are and I came across to find a travel buddy, which is only for women.

How do you stay away from travel romance scams?

  1. Before you become a paid member of an app, check the reviews. Check it in few review forums.
  2. Never pay any one that you met over the internet. Travel dating scams are very common. No matter how emotionally close you are. The chances that they disappear after that is very high.
  3. If you meet your travel buddy in person, then explain your intentions at the first meeting. If they are expecting to scam you, most likely they will not come back to meet you.
  4. Do your own research about the places that your travel buddy wants to take you. Suggest your own places to go, so they will not be able to take you to expensive places for dining.
  5. If you are suspicious about the photos that your travel buddy is showing, check the source of those images in
  6. While you are traveling with your newly met travel buddy, keep all your personal information in safe place. Do not save your bank card pin number or any banking passwords in your phone.
  7. In case of any threat, immediately contact the local police, so keep the emergency numbers with you.

How to find a travel buddy? and why? Solo travelling does not mean that you will be alone all the time. Actually you will meet more people than you expected if you follow some steps. You will be surprised how fast you can connect with strangers while travelling. You may be socially introvert, but if you change your activities slightly, you will notice that the opportunities to find fellow travel buddy are endless. Always remind to yourself that no one is judging you and no one knows you when you are in a new city. So nothing to be embarrassed even if you do something silly. Remember that the people you meet while travelling make the whole travelling experience more rewarding. Read the following tips to help you meet awesome people on the way!

find travel buddy

7 Easy ways to find a travel buddy

1.) Stay in a hostel

I know it is not comfortable all the time to stay in a hostel with a bunch of strangers. But do it at least for few nights when you feel to meet more like-minded travel mates. There is no way that you can miss the other travellers while in a hostel. They have bars, events and communal areas to meet and interact with them, so you will make some friends in no time. What is hard in a hostel is to avoid other fellow travellers.

2.) Join group day tours

All the cities have day tours organised by locals or companies, sometimes by walking, ferry, bus or even cycle tours. It is a great way to see the attractions as well as meet other people in the same boat. There are many online resources to find day tours in every city. Or if you stay in a hostel, you will see many brochures about day tours. Some day tours have team activities such as dancing, cooking etc so definitely you will meet so many other travel buddies.

3.) Stay with a local

Use Airbnb to find a local host to stay with. Then you can get good knowledge about the local area from your host. Also it is a great way to get to know the host and make long-lasting connections. Instead of staying in a hotel and trying to figure out the local attractions by yourself, why don’t you stay with a local and absorb all his local knowledge.

4.) Use some apps to find a travel buddy

If you are not very going person, it is always easy to start with an online app. So you can easily browse through the profiles matching with your travel plans and your personality. Not only it will save time, but also you will be more confident to meet them face-to-face as you already know some information about them. App like Couchsurfing has hangout option to find other travellers. Trevolin is an app to find other like-minded travel mates. It is easy to find other travellers with same travel plans.

5.) Flexible travel plans

It is good to have a rough plan of your travel, but it is hard when you have very strict plans. Sometimes you meet the right person or a group to hangout more and explore bit more. You will never know if you meet a similar person again, so it is better to take the chance and hangout with them bit more. You will not be able to do so if you have very strict travel plans.

6.) Beach and fun parties, night Salsa dancing

Beaches are always awesome to explore and it is an easy way to find travel mate. It is hard to avoid beaches for all the travellers. If you are in a beach, already your mind is relaxed and make it easy to talk with strangers. Most of the beach parties are full of chilled people of different ages. So it is a great place to mingle with them and do some fun activity in the beach or just a good chat. Also social dancing in the night is a great way to meet a travel buddy. You can easily find a place to dance Salsa. Use Facebook or other social media to find dancing events in your current city.

7.) Ride sharing with travel mates

This is a totally new way of meeting people. Use Uber and uber sharing. Firstly, the Uber drivers are great local guides. You can get good tips of where to go, what to see etc. Also if you share the Uber with other passengers, there is high chance that you will meet some other travel mates. Sometimes you rent your own car to explore an island which has poor public transport. Then you will see a lot of other travellers who are hitchhiking. Give them a ride and talk along the way.

It is not the end

Finally, think positively! If you are on a solo travel, you are already strong and awesome person. That is enough to go out with other travellers. Try some of the methods above in your next travel. Some of them might work and you will find the perfect travel buddy for you, but if not, don’t be disappointed. Some travellers can be very tired and not receptive when you start conversation. That is totally fine. Trust yourself, go solo and meet awesome like-minded travel mates.

I love to travel alone and explore new places. Exploring unknown places while having the fear of the unknown makes it more exciting as you never knowwhat is going to happen or what you are going to experience next.But sometimes the situation is different. I have used the service of local travel guides in Tanzania, Ukraine, Belarus, Zanzibar, Santorini and Spain.Here are the advantages and reasons why I thought it is a better idea.

1.) Local knowledge
I had used the service of travel guides plus mountain guide in Tanzania to climb Kilimanjaro. It is just impossible to climb it without a guide because it needs lot of local knowledge. Tour guides are amazing sources of information on everything you need to know about the local culture and heritage. There’s no better way to enjoy a new place than chatting to someone who knows the area, history and hearing first-hand what life is like. It’s fine if you want to visit the generic major tourist destinations with big crowds, but don’t you want to experience the off-the-beaten-track spots or have more local experience?

2.) Uncover lesser known places
You can visit off-the-beaten-track spots and a new place that is out of the major tourist spots with the help of a guide. My local travel guide in Spain has taken me in to amazing hidden, and natural small caves in Mallorca, that I would never discover by myself. Don’t you like the thrill of finding places beyond the obvious and are not on popular tourist routes? You can be amazed how the off-the-beaten-path spots can be equally and even more incredible than the major ones.

3.) Safety
Not all travellers are street-wise and for this reason it is often safest to visit certain areas with a local travel guide. Not only can they serve as a deterrent for would-be petty thieves but they can also help you avoid being scammed. I got scammed while travelling in Prague, and I think it would have never happened if I have even talked to a local travel guide.Private guides have a better understanding of how the local system operates and can help you with things in the country you are visiting that you are not familiar with. You don’t have to worry about getting lost or accidentally traveling to places that are dangerous with a local guide by your side.

4.) Save time
Most people only have a certain amount of time off work each year and trying to pack in a ton of sights is always time-consuming. Guides will always be able to cut to the chase to ensure you see what you want to see without getting caught up in unnecessary activities along the way. My local travel guide took me to the most famous places in Mallorca to make sure that I have ticked off those boxes. Without her, I would have wasted too much time to figure out to how to reach those places and the best routes. While in Zanzibar, I had exactly 3 days to see everything, but it was quite achievable with the help of the local travel guide.

5.) Support local people
Specially when you are travelling to poor countries, you want to give something in return to the people in those places. This is something you can do simply by using a local guide. It brings income into their communities and helps to build the economy and tourism potential of an area. Travellers who visit an area with a local guide will be guaranteed a more authentic and rewarding experience, full of interesting tales. Immersing yourself in the culture is ultimately what travel is all about.

6.) Takes photos for you
At the end, photos are your long term memories. When I am solo travelling, I take heaps of photos of interesting things but I am not in any of those photos as I am too embarrassed to ask other strangers to take my photos. Photos of sights are boring if there’s no one in them. Scrap the selfies and get your guide to take a photo of you. And, after a long day of sightseeing, cultural education and obligatory photo-taking, enjoy a good local cuisine with your guide. It might just be the start of a new friendship.

7.) Find good food
Who doesn’t like good food while travelling? Local guides can give you suggestions of where are the best places to eat local food that are not just the popular tourist spots.Hiring a guide is also important especially if you have food restrictions/allergies, but the language barrier is too severe, so you can’t communicate well. Just let your tour guides know and they will bring you to the best places to eat according to your preferences and needs.

Is it cost efficient though?
I would say yes. You are probably thinking that hiring a guide is an additional expense, so how can it save money? Here’s how. You don’t have to figure out the route by yourself and risking getting lost which can cost you more money.A good local travel guide will structure your itinerary to be cost-effective and tell you which way is more cost-efficient to travel around, helping you save money at the end.

Many people think that travelling in a group is the best way to enjoy and the cheapest option. Sounds logical, but not quite practical. Travelling solo is much more enjoyable and here are 10 benefits of solo travelling.

1.) Find and meet more like-minded travellers.
Since you are not focused on your travel friends, you are more open to meet and talk with other travellers.

2.) No itinerary to follow.
As you are the boss, no one can drag you to places that you don’t want to spend time. You decide when to wake up, when to go to sleep and where to eat etc. Actually I found it saves more time. It reminds me the saying that “if you want to go fast, go alone”.

3.) Make long-lasting connections.
Since you are travelling solo, you have to do all the groundwork when visiting an unknown place. Spend more time on researching, planning etc. That mental process creates a strong connection with the place you are travelling. You will remember the place and all the details forever!

4.) Learn more about yourself.
Don’t think that you are an introvert when travelling solo. Being alone is not easy. But it comes with advantages. It is healthy to pay attention to yourself time to time. When travelling solo, the whole attention is for yourself. You don’t have anyone else to divide your attention between you and them. You start to think about your life, your future plans, life goals and even the meaning of life!

5.) Take a break from your trip.
It is easy to break the trip or change plans when you are travelling solo. Otherwise, you end up keep doing things because you will feel guilty if you pull back. Some people are more energetic so that they want climb each mountain one after the other. Some people want to take a break and get refreshed before climbing the next mountain. Or sometimes one can get easily sick. Travelling solo make it easier to take the decision of taking a break.

6.) Save more money.
It is cheaper if you are sharing a hotel room with a friend. But when you travel solo, you have much more options. You will end up in a cheap hostel bunk bed without having to worry about your travel partner’s sleep. Probably you tend to buy fewer things to eat as you don’t see what your travel partner is eating. Also shopping alone is a boring thing, so you spend less time in super markets and buying souvenirs.

7.) Become more confident.
By travelling alone, you have to do everything by yourself. Taking all the decisions and be responsible and accountable for those decisions is a life lesson. You will be very focused from the beginning, taking the flight, find place to sleep, spend less to eat, find places to see, we focus on your health and safety etc. If you are a shy person, you will become less-shy person at the end of your solo travel. When travelling with a group, you tend to stay back of the group and let the others to make decisions and just follow them. That will not improve your social confidence.

8.) Select your own experience.
When travelling solo, it is all about you! You don’t have to worry about others feelings about the trip. You choose what you want to experience in your life. Jump on to a plane to travel to a place which makes you excited.

9.) Become better problem solver and decision maker.
You will be tackling all your issues by yourself when travelling solo. You will make wrong decisions, but you will learn the lesson and come out as a stronger version of you. The more you travel solo, the more problems will be solved by yourself. At the end, you will be good at making better judgments in your normal day-today life.

10.) Make long-lasting friendships.
You will meet other travelers with totally different set of knowledge, ideas, careers, physical attributes, languages, life styles etc. If you stick with your already known travelling friends, you will be always limited to their knowledge. Since now, you are exposed to totally new realm of experiences, you may find something new that will totally change you. The friendships that you create with these newly find people are long-lasting. It creates something special in your memory.

The summery:Solo travel will rejuvenate your soul, take a break from everything, start to learn about yourself better, reshape your personality and see the world in different perspective. So go on and give it a try!

Visiting Crete was one of my dream and I worked hard for that dream come true 🙂
I wanted go solo and find travellers while I am there, as it is a popular travel destination..

Greece is one of the most magical countries. On the Mediterranean Sea, the people and the vibe of Greece are warm, welcoming, and relaxed.

Crete is the largest island in Greece and 88th largest island in the world, over 3,200sq. miles.I spent one week in Crete, Greece, and recharged my body with sunshine for the coming winter season.Crete embodies perfectly what makes Greece such a beautiful country. It bursts with amazing beaches, crystal clear waters, magnificent mountains, buzzing cites, archaeological sites, and picturesque villages. Moreover, Crete is located in the far south of Greece and marks the borders between the Aegean and the Libyan Sea. Thus it is a perfect location for late beach vacations.

When I arrived on Crete, I was lucky enough to see and stay with a friend I met few years ago online. His mother is originally from the island so she has spent all of her life in Crete (and few months in main island, Greece).We had 9 days on the island, so we rented a car and set out to see as many of the beautiful towns and beaches as we could on south and west of Crete.We started in Heraklion as I landed there airport, the capital and largest city of the island. Heraklion is a lively port city filled with sights including famed Knossos (the Minoan palace, Europe’s oldest city), museums, restaurants, bars and hotels.I also strongly recommend you go and visit the archaeological museum in Heraklion. You will be blown off your feet when you see how many artifacts have been found all over Crete.

Then we set off to Matala, a small village about 1.5 hours drive.Matala beach is located 68km southwest of Heraklion, between the plain of Messara and Asterousia Mountains. It is one of the most popular destinations of Crete and certainly the most famous beach of Heraklion. It has become known from the caves in the rocks and the hippies of the 70s. It is located near Phaistos, the second most important palace of the Minoans.
You can come in Matala beach by taking the road to Mires and then follow the signs. You could also combine your visit to Matala with a visit to Phaistos. There are also regular buses from Heraklion.The most characteristic feature of the area, are the many caves carved in soft white stone thousands of years ago and located in the northwest of the beach. There are also several caves underwater.It is considered as certain that the caves of Matala beach were tombs of Roman and Christian Period. In these caves of Matala beach in Crete, the hippies found their paradise in the 60s and 70s. Thousands of them were gathered to express their ideas freely, to enjoy love and create.The caves were on high sedimentary cliffs, sandstone, a lot of seashells in it. The caves were carved out by the Minoans hundreds of years ago. Then they were used later on for leper caves. Then after that the Romans came, and they used them for burial crypts. Then some of them were filled in and sealed up for a long time. People began living there, beatniks, in the fifties.Kids gradually dug out more rooms. There were some people there who were wearing human teeth necklaces around their necks.

After 3 days in Matala, we left to Plakias, which is another 2-3 hours drive to south. Plakias is a coastal settlement at the southern Crete, 40 km south of Rethymno, with 237 permanent residents, built at the cove of the bay of the same name on a wonderful sandy beach, 1300 m long, between the capes Stavros and Kako Mouri, that is ideal for swimming and sea sports.Wonderful to relax a few days in the sun after a long hike into the White Mountains of the Cretan highlands. The town has a unique feel and it has a beautiful surrounding countryside with fine walks and gorges.Both the seafood restaurants and the backstreets small family restaurants offer a fine selection of the most amazing Cretan foods.

After 4 days in Matala, we left to Preveli for the rest of my time in Crete.One of the most beautiful places on Crete, Preveli Beach, is located on the south coast of the island, not far away from the city of Rethymnon. This place is famous for its natural palm forest. When you are in Preveli beach you have the perception that you are transferred from Europe to some distant place in Africa or South America. Just imagine the palm trees and the the green river. Add to this, the great Preveli canyon with it’s river and the surrounding mountains and you will feel lucky if you enjoy this little adventure.

I left Crete with a solid plan to come back again next year! Three weeks might not even be enough to see everything!

Welcome to, your new favourite site to find like-minded travellers or a travel guide. In our trevolin blog, frequent travellers will be providing you with all of the great information, tips and resources you need for travelling. Today, you’ll learn more about Trevolin and its features. Trevolin is filled with fun adventurous travellers, and it’s easier than ever to get to know them, and find the perfect group of travellers or a travel buddy. That’s because our platform is designed to quickly connect individuals with shared passions, hobbies and interests. Trevolin is not a dating site as we will only keep the genuine profiles of travellers and continuously monitor any spam users. Also users can report us if any such users or messages you receive to block those profile to keep our community safe.

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