Travel Buddy


Planning to travel? Want to find someone to share the journey? Finding a matching travel buddy or companion is easy with Trevolin.

Thousands of Trevolin members are looking for a travel companion to share the journey. Every day, we get new members. joining us. So the opportunity to find the perfect travel-mate for you is just a click away. Create the travel plans that you want to visit to make it easy for the other travel-mates to find you.

When you create a travel plan, write a simple description to explain what you are looking from the ideal travel partner that you’d like to travel with and what you are planning to do during the travel. Also fill all the available field in your profile so that other travellers can search you using the all the filters. Add few more photos as it helps a lot for others and you will get more chance to find the perfect travel companion. You can always leave your old travel plans once you finish travelling. It will help the other travellers to see where you have travelled already. Also mention all the languages that you can speak as most travellers like to have a travel-mate who can speak the same language.

Get to know your online travel buddy well before you actually make plans to meet in real. We recommend to use the message service inside Trevolin, but you are not limited to that.

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Easy way to find a travel buddy

  • Find a travel partner or other like-minded travellers matching your travel plans.
  • Create your travel plans so other travellers can find you.
  • Advanced search options to find the perfect travel buddy.
  • Message fellow travellers and organize to meet-up.
  • Click the “Find Buddy” button to find your travel buddy.
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