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Do you like to find free accommodation while travelling globally? It is really possible? Travel exchange, working holidays and volunteering in many countries is possible with Trevolin. Our main objective is to find free or cheap accommodation for you to stay while travelling. Find your perfect host in any country. What kind of exchange are you looking for? It could be NGO, schools, house sitting, families, farmstay or even in boats and cruises.

You can also become a host to find travellers to help you in your project. So you exchange their skills with free accommodation. Depending on your work, you can arrange what else you need provide. You may have to pay them a reasonable amount of wages, foods etc or they may have to pay you bit extra for the accommodation. It is totally up to you as a host to state and negotiate what you offer for the travellers.

We are continuously trying to find more hosts to increase your chance to find a host in any country and in any region. You can help us too by asking hosts to join with us and help fellow travellers to find free accommodation.

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Find free accommodation or become a host

Why it is free? Travellers have to do some work to help the host, so that you can get free accommodation. It is simple as that. Search free accommodation or guests who are looking for accommodation. You can list your place so that travellers can find it or you can post your search so that accommodation providers can find you.

  • Find free accommodation for your next travel.
  • Post your travel accommodation requirements to receive offers.
  • Be an accommodation provider to host travellers.
  • Communicate with your host to book accommodation.
  • Click the “Find Accommodation” button to find a free accommodation for your next travel.