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Finding a local guide to explore a new place is easy with Trevolin. How trevolin guiding work? Trevolin helps travellers to connect with locals who are ready to show you what they love most about their home cities. it’s an online platform to organise private tours, where users have the freedom to tailor tours with guides before they arrive at their travel destination. It makes easy to find and meet locals who want to share tourist attractions and famous must-see places, also their favourite spots and best things to do in the city you’re travelling.

When organizing tours by locals, sightseeing becomes a more flexible and impromptu experience, as opposed to formal guided tours or packaged itineraries which are more common for large groups. With Trevolin locals, you can control what you want to during the tour. It is more flexible like exploring a city with a friend who has knowledge about the city. It is not only for exploring a city, but you can find a guide to do trekking or mountain climbing. These experienced guides can take you to the mountain tops and it helps the community to develop. Also if you are a local who likes to meet people, guide them and make an extra income, it is perfect for you to join as a local tour guide.

How it works?

Most of these people are professionals with knowledge about history, geography and climate of the area. Get to know them first before arranging the tours by locals. Some of them might show you around for free, but mostly you need to pay them as they mention in their profile. Payment for the guides can be done via Trevolin so that you can put a review comment to guide’s profile. We encourage users to do the payments via Trevolin for safety and better review process.

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Find a tour guide or become a local guide

  • Find a travel guide in your travel destination.
  • Communicate with him/her to arrange a meeting.
  • Become a local travel guide to show your area.
  • Search travellers in your city and become a travel guide to them.
  • Pay the guide through us to review the guide, which will help the guide and other travellers.
  • Click the “Find Local Guide” button to find the guides.
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